Everyone who starts a business hopes it will be successful, however two thirds of them aren’t.  Success requires a combination of personality, tenacity and hard work.  Here are some skills and characteristics you need to grow a successful business.

1. Be sure of yourself

People love and respect a person filled with confidence. Even if you are still getting on your feet or are not used to sales or public speaking, a collected and calm attitude will win many customers and with time, the confidence will come naturally and turn it into one of your greatest strengths.

2. Guard your Reputation

No one said anything in life comes easy.  If you want your business to succeed where others haven’t then be prepared to take the criticism.  Not every customer may be in love with your products or services and that is fine.

3. Never show a feeling of doubt or disbelief

Every successful businessperson has perfected the art of smiling even when the business is at the brink of collapse. Doubts and fears are inevitable in any business. What matters is that you retain confidence and be willing to seek external help, like borrowing loans and inspiring faith in customers and employees. Remember you are the leader, so you must handle disappointment appropriately.

4. Bear in mind that no man is an island

It is key to realize that however brilliant your choice of business is, you cannot do everything or run every part of it single handedly.  You need to delegate tasks that don’t make you money to your staff and focus your attention on what is making you money.

5. Manage your money wisely

In the beginning you may have to put most if not all of your profits back into your business, in order to buy inventory, pay staff or expand.  For example, don’t spend $100k on a business sign when you don’t need to. Guard those precious dollars carefully and leave your personal expenses out of your business accounts.  Get yourself a good accountant as soon as you can afford it to help you.

6. Have a business plan and goals

In order to be motivated and have a direction in the business, a goal is imperative. Set goals and standards and be prepared to do what it takes to achieve them. If you have employees, see to it that they share your enthusiasm so they too can help your business grow and thrive.  Here is a video outlining just why you need a business plan.7. Keep your business at the forefront by improving it

Never be complacent.  A good business is wonderful, but an improving business is better. Clients easily get bored of mundane services. Improvement could manifest in the form of new products or better service. Growth is good.

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